Hong Kong Chronicles Welcome to Official Website

Welcome to the official website of Hong Kong Chronicles Institute!

A full English edition of our website is under construction and scheduled for launch by the end of 2021. In the interim, you may get a glimpse of our mission, organisational structure, project timeline and master plan as well as our first book launch in December 2020. You may also hear from our chairmen and president on their perspectives regarding the historic mission with Hong Kong’s first-ever series of local chronicles.

The Institute aims to publish a comprehensive series of historical records on Hong Kong in keeping with a Chinese traditional form of preserving history known as “local chronicles.”

The book series, collectively known as Hong Kong Chronicles, comprising 66 volumes published in 42 books with a Chinese word count of 25 million over a period of eight years, is available on this website. Here, you will also find many folktales and cultural stories on local traditions and customary practices of Hong Kong, as well as guest columns written by renowned professors and historians.

Hong Kong is where East meets West; it is an international city where people of different cultures and backgrounds live and work together. To share the 7,000-year history of Hong Kong with all people of the world, Hong Kong Chronicles as a book series will also be available in English and accessible online. An English edition of our first book, Overview & Chronology, is scheduled for release by the end of 2021.